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  • Re-Bars
  • HEB Beams
  • INP Beams
  • IPE Beams
  • Flat Bars
  • Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
  • Hot Rolled Steel Sheets
  • Squer Bars
  • Hollow Sections
  • Angle Bars
  • U-Profile
  • Round Bars
  • Cold Drawn Round Bars
  • Tubes
  • UNP Channel
  • UPE channel
  • HEA Beams


Exmet, on its end, will do everything to provide steel products and related sales services which meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and suppliers.

For this purpose we:

  • Store all the steel products inside;
  • Keep a product selection that takes into account the needs of our good customers so that we are ready to fulfill their wishes at any given moment of time and release the customers from a need to keep their own warehouse stock;
  • Issue to the customer a quality certificate for each steel product and ensure compliance of the product with the certificate;
  • Guarantee that all products which do not comply with the issued quality certificate will be accepted back in our warehouse at no cost to the customer and compensate for the related costs;
  • Invest in the in-service training of our staff and work conditions because it is the daily contribution of our staff that determines our company’s achievement of its objectives;
  • Pay our invoices on time and expect the same from our customers too.