A youthful and united team is a sign of ambition in the company. It is important for the managers to be an employer with a reliable reputation in the market because this way, the right people find their way to the company on their own. How big of a role recommending an employer to acquaintances plays is something we learned when talking to employees.

“When I was looking for somewhere to do my field training after university, I decided on Taverpro OÜ (now Exmet Services OÜ) because their reputation in the market was good,” technologist and foreman Artjom explains his decision to join the company five years ago. He had been familiar with the field of construction since his youth. As a logical next step, he also enrolled at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, majoring in construction. After field training, Artjom continued working at Exmet Services. “During field training, it was clear that everything here fits. The people are helpful, the working conditions are good, I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Artjom adds.

Arvo who graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in production engineering and currently works at the position of the Head of the Sheet Processing Department also acknowledges the company’s reputation in the market. “Acquaintances sent me a job offer and recommended applying for the company because the managers here are awesome,” Arvo recalls. The man has extensive experience in the field of project management and initially came to the company as a project manager of mechanical engineering. Half a year later, however, it was time to accept a new challenge as the Head of the Sheet Processing Department. So far, his seniority at the position is a little over a year. Arvo likes that it is an extremely fast developing company, the ambitions are big, and the development opportunities even bigger. “There is no shortage of challenges, but that’s a great way to improve yourself,” says Arvo.

Project manager Mikk had instead read an article in Äripäev about Exmet Services OÜ’s growth plans and the vision, and it spoke to him. As a man who had graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in construction and who had worked in construction all his life, he received a call one day from a recruiter, asking if Mikk would like to come and have a conversation with the managers. “It makes sense to check your market value from time to time,” he says with a laugh. Unexpectedly, however, the rapport with the managers Taavi and Ats was so good that the decision to join the company was made. He was met by supportive colleagues who made settling in easy. By now, Mikk has been working at the company for a year. “The work is interesting, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. We have a lot of exciting projects and, of course, challenges. Having health insurance is actually a big plus, too,” Mikk lists the positives for himself.
The quality manager and welding coordinator Pavel who was recommended the company by a former colleague also quickly developed a rapport with the managers. Pavel had three more offers from different companies on the table, but development opportunities at Exmet Services immediately appealed to him. The man has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in production engineering and has previously worked as a technologist. Pavel enjoys the diversity of his current work and the opportunity to perform various tasks. However, the icing on the cake is the pleasant outdoor climate and the team with whom cooperation is smooth. He has been working at the company for two years.
They say that there are no free lunches. But at Exmet Services, lunch is also on the company in addition to development opportunities. Technologist Mark values this and the working conditions at the current company. Like others, Mark came to work at the company through a former colleague. That was two and a half years ago already. Among others, Exmet Services has a new machine park, and this is an important indicator for a man who studied mechatronics. His first position was a plasma operator, and from then a technologist. Mark also confirms that the team is first class. 

A former colleague of sales engineer Sten heard about Exmet Services’ plan to start manufacturing. He conveyed this information to Sten when the latter started looking for a new job. He had previously had experience as a laser operator, but he joined Exmet Services as a plasma technologist. During his three years at the company, Sten has also been involved in the creation of the production department. He does not have a professional education, but he is a person who is extremely eager to learn who dived head first into unknown waters. However, the company itself has always offered him opportunities for development. “Training opportunities are guaranteed if they serve the purpose and are justified. I am fascinated by the development of both the company and myself. It’s also refreshing to see the freedom of communication between the management and the people working at the company,” Sten says.

Production coordinator Siim called one of the company’s managers, Ats, himself and announced that he was planning to start working at the company. “The company’s ambition to grow and the opportunity to have a say in its development speak to me. There are so many opportunities here to try out different professions to find the one that suits you the best. If there is a will, no one will put a stop to it,” Siim who is working at the company for the eighth month shares his thoughts.

“There are no different boxes here where they try to push people in. Rather, they give the opportunity to discover one’s talent,” financial manager Herman says. Herman who has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in business initially came to the company as an assistant. Herman and Taavi are brothers, so Herman appreciates the opportunity to be in the front row to witness the rapid growth and development of the company. During the four years of working at the company, there has been a lot of development, and Herman himself has found his place as a financial manager.

“The most important thing is the team. Thanks to them, getting settled went smoothly and there are no work tensions,” sales engineer Svetlana describes what is important to her. The woman has previous experience in a similar position and she applied for the job on the spur of the moment, feeling that Exmet Services could be the company where she could find an application for her potential. She has been developing her skills at the company for nearly two years.

Common and important values for the Exmet Services OÜ team are the people, the company’s ambitions, self-discovery/self-realisation, and management style and working conditions. It is clear that there are plenty of development opportunities at the company, but only for people who really want to contribute.