Step into our project gallery and witness the tangible impact of Exmet PA’s precast accessories. Our products seamlessly integrate into diverse applications and structures, showcasing unwavering precision and reliability. Explore our track record of contribution, spanning from foundational constructions to intricate infrastructures. With our expertise in superior steel components, we consistently set new benchmarks for project excellence.

This curated selection offers a glimpse of our products in action, while our extensive gallery awaits, filled with inspiring examples.

column shoes

nkk column shoes

Presenting Exmet's NKK Column Shoes – a game-changing solution for precast concrete construction.

These steel components offer swift assembly, reduced construction times, and lower labor costs. With easy installation and seamless integration, they help save time and meet project deadlines while optimizing expenses. Versatile across residential, commercial, and industrial projects, Column Shoes adapt seamlessly to diverse construction environments.

Exmet's NKK Column Shoes redefine column assembly, enhancing your construction process by providing efficient solutions that align with your project's needs.



Get acquainted with a groundbreaking approach in precast concrete construction through the
SKP-L Type Anchor Bolts by Exmet. These anchor bolts redefine the process of anchoring concrete or steel structures to foundations.

Cast into concrete alongside supplementary reinforcement, these bolts create a dependable connection. Structures are easily mounted onto the extending bolts and securely fastened using nuts and washers. The joint is further strengthened through grouting in the final construction stages.

Within our SKP anchor bolt range, we offer two variations: SKP-L (headed short bolts) and SKP-P (straight long bolts). SKP-L bolts are ideal for low-depth applications like slabs and foundations, while SKP-P bolts are well-suited for longer structures such as columns and walls. Designed to withstand heavy load conditions, SKP anchor bolts provide options for plain or hot-dip galvanized surface coatings, tailored to your project's specifications. Explore the future of secure anchoring with Exmet's SKP-L Type Anchor Bolts.


ssk wall shoes

Elevate the reliability and stability of your construction connections with Exmet's SSK Wall Shoes. As integral components in the world of fastening, these wall shoes play a critical role in reinforcing the dependability of wall-to-wall or foundation-to-wall connections. Designed with precision, they ensure a seamless and secure joining of walls, significantly contributing to the overall structural integrity of your projects.

Exmet's SSK Wall Shoes excel in establishing tension connections between walls and foundations, as well as between two walls. These specialized components are extensively utilized to create robust bolted connections between walls and their foundations, or between adjoining walls themselves.

The installation process involves embedding the wall shoe within precast walls and anchoring the bolt within the wall or foundation below. Bolting the anchor to the wall shoe using a nut and rectangular non-centric washer completes the connection. During erection, shims can be employed to ensure precise wall leveling. Following this, the joint formed between walls or between a wall and its foundation, along with the cavity formed by the wall shoe, is grouted for added strength.

SSK Wall Shoes truly shine in connections requiring substantial load-bearing capacities. They can be customized with either plain or hot-dip galvanized surface coatings based on specific project needs.